• We’re an extension of your marketing team

    We’ll help you generate more leads, nurture prospects, get a message across, and get to know your customers better.

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  • We understand I.T.

    Specialised marketing and sales professionals who understand the pain points of IT Decision makers.

  • We focus on outcomes

    Delivering solutions-focused campaign strategy and execution with measurable ROI

  • We make it happen

    Embracing technology to deliver 365-day connected campaigns

How can we help you

We’re an extension of your marketing team providing end-to-end campaign management to ensure sales lead opportunities are maximised

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Making the most of your Marketing Development Fund

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Mega record turnout for car enthusiasts

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Solutions-focused campaign with cut-through

While every project is different, the principles behind our approach are the same

  • Understanding your pain points

    Our clients come to us with a sales or marketing issue such as empty sales pipeline, need to create awareness for their product or service, nurture current customers or re-engage inactive customers

  • Solution mapping

    We work as an extension of your marketing team to provide end-to-end solutions. We’ll develop the concepts and execute to agreed metrics and KPIs  to help you achieve business goals and optimise Return on Advertising Spend

  • Focused execution

    We connect the dots we close the loop.  We’ll deliver 365-connected campaigns so that you can focus on closing sales opportunities rather than the tedious work involved in generating opportunities and MDF Proof of Executions

  • Follow-up and metrics

    We connect the dots and  we close the loop.  We bridge the sales and marketing gap by working closely with sales leaders to define and support a campaign specific lead follow-up process. We understand every marketing campaign is different; so we treat every follow-up execution with equal consideration.

Achieve event success by harnessing new event management technology best practices
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The Lead Harvest difference

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365-day connected campaigns

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Closed-loop sales and marketing

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Media agnostic

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We work with your existing structure

Our tools of the trade…

Digital Marketing

Grow a community, reach and engage an audience, or generate leads with targeted online communications [learn more]

Website & Mobile

Delivering content that works across varying screen sizes and platforms is paramount for surfing the net [learn more]

Tele Services

Establish connection with your prospects to identify hot leads for your sales team to follow up [learn more]

Social Media

Establish credible and interesting social media presence and keep  on top of online conversations and drive leads [learn more]

Content & Design

Good creative should contribute to business success and ultimately encourage customers to your business [learn more]


Enable face-to-face opportunities to engage with your prospects and  open doors for future business [learn more]

Sales Engagement

Empowering your sales team to convert valuable leads [learn more]

CRM and Automation

Set-up, build, manage, track and optimise data to maximise revenue  [learn more]