Stay engaged with your prospects via low cost methods and provide greater opportunities for conversion.

With over 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, the mobile device is the future of all advertising.

Customers can therefore be reached almost anywhere, provided service coverage permits, locally or even globally (90% of the world now lives in a place with access to a mobile network ). Better yet, an SMS lands straight in the hands of the potential customer unlike many alternative mediums which often get lost in the cluttered world of advertising. Refer the latest statistics by clicking on the image to your left.

Engage your customers.

2-Way SMS allows you to communicate one-on-one with your customers, driving engagement by allowing an end user to participate in a dialogue with a brand. This can help distance the campaign from a static advertising and add an element of interaction and connectivity between the brand and the customer. Efficient, simple and clear communication creates a loyal and active customer base. Mobile originated campaigns (using a Dedicated Number) allow for customer initiated conversations and provide your company with new leads.
Get the message right.

Be assured that your message is sent on time, to the right people. Take advantage of other SMSGlobal features such as keyword functionality, automated opt-outs and SMS merge to make your job easier and stress free. We have put together a helpful SMS best practice guide to assist you in compiling the most effective message for your audience.

Make SMS work for you.

There are numerous value adding applications for using mobile messaging, for example, reactivating lapsed customer, developing your loyalty program or communicating current marketing offers and promotions. Prepare for a whole new world of opportunity, as you are provided with an engaging and fun means of communicating with your customer database. A simple SMS can initiate conversation, encourage new and old customers to take action and ultimately lead to more transactions.

SMS campaign messages you should never send
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